The World’s Most Profitable Facebook Expert Reveals …

How To Turn Losing Ads Into Winners, Scale Without Raising Your CPA, and Avoid Dreaded Account Bans For Only $1.00

You don’t need to be an ad expert. You don’t need to be a copywriter. You don’t need any technical skills. You don’t need any previous experience. You don’t need huge piles of cash. (And you don’t even need to currently have a business!)

You’ve probably heard thousands of businesses are earning 5, 6, and even 7 figures a month with ads today.

Now you can get the exact playbook to profit for a single dollar.

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of seeing Facebook jack up your ad costs when you scale?

Wondering why Google has shut off your ads when there’s nothing wrong with them?

Sick of campaigns flipping from winners into money sucking losers? 

Fed up with ads you think are great, yet don’t sell a thing?

Overwhelmed with how to make your business consistently profitable with ads?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above:

Let Me Show You Why People Fail To Create & Scale Profitable Ad Campaigns Consistently...

“When I increased the budget, all my profits wiped out”

“My CPMs doubled overnight”

“My ad was working and stopped selling”

“They keep disapproving my ads and banning my accounts”

”Nobody’s buying, what do I do?”

These problems pop up fast.

And can turn a winning campaign into a money burning dumpster fire in a few days!

You’ve probably tried a few common things on your own to put out these fires:

Finding Pictures that Grab Attention

Rewriting Ads Hoping and Praying For Magic to Happen

Studying Ads Your Competitors Are Using


Only to continue pouring good money after bad into the fire.

Many clients had been asking the Ultimate Question:

WHY Can’t I Scale A Profitable Facebook Ads Campaign? Those days are about to end. 

Because there’s only…

ONE THING That Makes Your Ads Scale & STAY Profitable!

The secret to spending $1,000s a day on ads…

WITHOUT draining your bank account…

Is what I call:

“Post-Publish Solutions”

You see:

Pushing publish on a Facebook campaign is just the beginning.

Once your ad is live, you’re faced with a load of information hitting you like a firehose to the face.

If you’re like all my other clients…

Sorting through data to make the profit generating decisions is next to impossible!

And if the data can’t help you make decisions, how can you make money?

Here’s where it gets WORSE:

The data the ad networks feed you is NOT ACCURATE!

Ad networks use pixels and scripts for tracking.

Modern technology can block this tracking.

It also can be set up wrong.

This leads to what’s called “attribution” problems.

Sometimes the ad platforms will tell me I got 17 sales in a day while my bank account says I only got 5. What gives?

Issues like these make it difficult to make wise decisions with your ads.

And every decision that isn’t made with the best information, with the best interpretation, is a costly decision… because money is on the line.

When you’re spending a few hundred bucks a day or more on ads but your data is off…

You’ll turn off profitable campaigns.

And put more money into cash burning campaigns!

Which will end in losing hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars.

You can finally put an end to burning your cash.

Because I’ll show you how to turn all this gibberish into real, actionable numbers.

So you can actually INCREASE your bank account balance!

(Warning: you must let PayPal know you’re about to see a massive increase in sales! Or they’ll shut down your merchant account when your ad campaign explodes).

I’ll reveal how you can INSTANTLY solve daily cash sucking problems like:

How do I know if my ad is working and how to make sure I only launch winners?

When do I know to increase the budget without setting off Facebook’s alarms?

How to tell if my ad is fatiguing and how to turn it around in minutes?

Should I duplicate my winning campaigns or will Facebook hold it against me?

Which form of bidding should I use? Facebook keeps changing the rules. What’s the real deal?

Should I cap my bids? How can I tell whether this will save me money or cost me sales?

My ads get me leads but no one is buying. I show you how to turn this around TODAY.

Help, I’ve spent $1,000 and have no sales! I’m in a good niche and don’t understand why people aren’t buying.

And once you know how to respond to these “daily fires” in your account…

…scaling ads will become easy-peasy!

One campaign I ran spent $173,000 in a single day. This made a profit of $380,000.

Here’s the thing:

No ad has ever made money before it went live!

Until you hit “publish” you aren’t going to make a dime. You probably have a dream of success, my goal is to make it a reality for you.

Now listen up:

Most advertising courses focus on what to do BEFORE publishing an ad…

But it’s the wild, wild west once that ad is spending your hard earned money…

And when the “shit hits the fan”…

Help is nowhere!

Until now… 

My name is Jason Hornung.

I have little doubt you’ve seen my campaigns in operation.

My client list is a “Who’s Who” of marketing

Frank Kern came on board when he was rebranding as a Business Consultant.

He was able to double his investment and fill his monthly coaching program.

Grace Lever is one of the world’s leading coaches.

She went from five figure months to seven figure months using the same strategies I’ll share with you.

Neil Patel – the SEO guru – had never been able to make paid ads profitable. 

He went from negative results to seven figures.

Ryan Deiss hired me to build “Funnel Experts” from scratch.

I took that biz from zero to three million dollars in within 5 months.

Tim Sykes – who teaches Penny Stocks.

He kept getting his ad accounts banned every two weeks. Tim worked with agency after agency and got the same results. Until he came to me.

Tim saw his ads scale for years. Every day we’d spend $5,000 on ads and grossed $30,000.

If those are the results you’re looking for, keep reading.

Todd Brown is one of the top Internet marketing consultants today. Facebook kept banning his accounts and he couldn’t figure out why.

Now, those days are history and his business exploded. His funnels bring in new clients every single day like clockwork.

Honestly, I could go on and on. Hundreds of clients made millions and millions of dollars.

I say this not to brag but to show you, I know exactly how to get you results. 

I’m called the most profitable Facebook advertising expert because:

I’ve churned over $30 million of profitable ad spend for clients.

Even more amazing, I’ve done in every niche imaginable.

Anything from pet stain removers (and other e-commerce products) to high ticket consulting.

During this time, I’ve analyzed millions of clicks across my clients’ ad accounts.

And discovered something odd:

Every single business I’ve worked with has the same money burning fires.

My speciality is putting out the flames and turning on the profits.

My favorite part of the week was spending time on the phone with clients. I answered constant questions about stopping the cash burning.

“I was getting sales at a very low cost and now it’s doubled!”

“Last week my ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) was 5X now it’s down to 2X!”

“How the heck is my competition crushing me when my ads are better?”

“My CPM’s are way too high. How do I bring them back down?”

“My campaigns were winning and I increased the budget. My sales just disappeared”

“Why do I have to go for leads instead of directly getting the sale. Isn’t it wasting money”

Until I had enough! The repetition was like living out the movie “Groundhog Day”…

I NEEDED a way to have my clients and my team know how to turn losing ads into winning ads WITHOUT me.

As I thought about how to do this, it hit me!

Every meeting felt like I was a football coach.

Each strategy I gave my team to generate cash for our clients felt like I was calling a “play”…

Designed just for that situation.

So I went into hibernation and tore through every single one of my turn-around secrets.

I began to share them with both team members and clients and…

That was it!


Their results exploded. Revenues doubled and then doubled again.

People who had been losing dollar after dollar started beaming from ear-to-ear.

Here’s How The World’s First ‘Profit Playbook’ Guide For Digital Advertising Was Born...

I had my team put all these “plays” we were using in to a single document.

And decided to call it: The Profit Playbook.

I designed it to give my team practical and simple solutions they could use to fix ANY daily fire.

So they would never get paralyzed by fear!

Uncertain of where to turn or what to do next to make our clients the profits they want.

Within 7 days of using The Profit Playbook, my team:

  1. Cut wasted ad spend 35% and…
  2. 3X’d the profit on average across client accounts!

My team’s questions became so scarce, we went from daily calls to weekly…

And the best part?

These plays also gave my team the ammo to keep consistent profits…

Even with ad spends over $30,000 PER DAY!

Like we did for Sam Ovens here:

I started sharing The Profit Playbook with my coaching clients. 

Their results have been fantastic! 

Watch how quickly Nick Fullmer hit his first 6 figure month selling his course… 

By following what he learned in the Profit Playbook:

Because of the 100% unique strategies contained in the Profit Playbook…

27 Clients

have scaled to 7 figure ad profits! They’re still using these strategies to grow their businesses.

162 Clients

have scaled to 6 figure ad profits! Many of them have a hard time believing how easy it was.

2398 Clients

have scaled to 5 figure ad profits! And many of them tell me how excited they are to keep growing their businesses.

Many clients have created

6 & 7 Figure​

businesses from scratch!

What gives me the most satisfaction is when

clients start winning with me.

Especially AFTER they’ve wasted tens of thousands on other so-called “experts” and agencies! 

I expect (not hope) that you will be next.

And I’m about to share with you how these results can be yours for a single dollar.

Watch how Josh Jordan built a 7 figure marketing agency in only 15 months using the Profit Playbook:

These battle-tested strategies will help you scale profitable ads on ANY network.

$1,000,000 Of Revenue For His Client From Google Ads In Only 20 Days?

Facebook isn’t the only game in town. I’ll show you how to find thousands of dollars in low hanging fruit with Google Ads.

And remember, the same Google Ads do double duty on YouTube.

Most people don’t realize Google’s targeting is more powerful than Facebook.

My clients find it’s actually quicker and faster to launch winning campaigns on Adwords.

And of course, my techniques work there as well.


 I won’t promise you’ll make $1,000,000 in 20 days. But I guarantee you’ll get a 1,000% return on your initial investment in AOA Profit Society! Keep reading to learn how.

With the profit playbook strategies:

You don’t need to be a writer.

You don’t need technical skills.

You don’t need any previous experience.

You don’t need huge piles of cash.

And you don’t even need to currently have a business!

But again, don’t take my word for it.

How An Ohio Man Used The Profit Playbook To Replace His Corporate Income In Only 8 Weeks!

Matt dreamed of working for himself. The desire for time freedom kept him awake at night. 

Within 2 months, he finally turned his dream into reality.

Matt had never done any advertising before…

He was able to take the Profit Playbook strategies and IMMEDIATELY use them to earn profits from ads!

Growing a super profitable advertising agency in just a few weeks.

Many people ask me: “will this work for [insert business model here]?”.

The Profit Playbook works for:

Information products

Ecommerce products

Coaching and consulting services

Local services such as chiropractic, dentistry and insurance

Lead generation for auto, solar, etc

Agency services

The only thing this won’t work for is offers that are non compliant with the ad networks (guns, porn, etc)

Here’s Why You Need The Profit Playbook To Succeed With Scaling Your Ad Profits Today:

You’ll NEVER have to worry about how to write a profitable ad! Copy one of the dozens of proven templates you’ll get. Each of these templates is a winner and has worked in many industries – most likely – including yours.

You can by-pass being a “techie”! If you can click a mouse, you can launch profitable campaigns right from the start. Click – Publish – Cash. Remember that sequence because it’s about to become real for you.

You DON’T need any previous experience! Follow the step by step videos, use the workbooks, scripts, checklists AND coaching you’ll get. In fact, our experience shows the less you know, the less you need to unlearn.

You can start with small budgets! The Profit Playbook strategies start with as little as $5/day. These campaigns let you dial in your winners without risking cash. Heck, I’m conservative with MY money. I’m even more conservative with yours.

You WON’T get stuck! Use the Playbook strategy guide and coaching you’ll get to blast through any problems so you can profit. This works regardless of niche and doesn’t matter that the “professionals” couldn’t make it work for you.

You can start earning an income, even if you currently do NOT have a business! Follow the simple 7 Figure Agency Blueprint training. You’ll get to start from nothing like so many have done already. They find the advertising so much fun (Yes fun) they want to do it full time. After all, racking up win after win for clients is a great feeling.

You’ll learn how to make ads for EVERY MAJOR AD platform Facebook, Google, YouTube and more! You’ll have multiple sources of income and can scale up profitably on any one (or all) of them.

Here’s More Team Members Sharing Their Success Stories Using The Profit Playbook:

Join The AOA Profit Society Team To Get Your Profit Playbook Now!

In football, the only people who get a copy of the playbook are those who are part of the team.

And it’s a closely guarded secret. 

Each week, the players meet with the coach to review the playbook and determine the game plan for that week.

You see:

I’ve gotten a pretty good track record over the years of delivering results for my clients.


Because I only give out my Profit Playbook to those who join my team. People have begged for copies and I’ve always said “NO”!

So I can make sure my plays are run the right way.

That’s why I guide you each week on where, when, and how to use my Profit Playbook to make your marketing decisions.

So you can scale your profits confidently with me looking over your shoulder every week!

AOA Profit Society is for business owners, media buyers and agency owners running digital advertising today.

And those who want to be one of the above.

When you join my team, you’ll get direct access for help with:

Writing compliant copy so you can keep accounts active while still raking in profits!

Budget optimization when scaling so you don’t set profits on fire or set off Facebook’s ban hammer.

Making irresistible offers that get people forking over their credit card to you.

Increasing sales by 25%+ without spending more on ads!

Backend systems that refund-proof your business.

Scaling outside of Facebook to 4x profits within 30 days!

Avoiding hidden penalties that networks place on ads, fanpages and funnels.

These can make your ads go from profitable to unprofitable overnight! 

Here’s how AOA Profit Society members get access to me for my experienced based coaching:


Academy Of Advertising strategy group on Facebook

It’s an active group with numerous questions every single day. And I’m in there sharing shortcuts, tricks, strategies and secrets with you. 

Every day, I’m helping our members solve their ad problems and scale their businesses.


Quarterly implementation workshops.

Every quarter, I hold a two-day event exclusively for AOA Profit Society members. Sometimes we do these in person, other times they are virtual. At these events:

You’ll discover the latest tactics and strategies I’m testing in my own accounts so you can use my unreleased material to make more profits!

You’ll get direct help from me with applying what you learn to your business!

You’ll network with other like minded entrepreneurs that can help you grow your business!

When you join the AOA Profit Society team:

You’ll get strategic guidance on your ads, funnels and offers from me personally so you can quickly create profitable campaigns for your business!

You’ll get help with making your marketing strategy convert profitably while staying compliant with the ad networks’ ever-changing policies!

You’ll only spend money on ad strategies that I’ve proven with MY MONEY first (that’s a guarantee, this isn’t theory). I’ll never test things with your money. You have my word.

You’ll get the support you need so you can overcome ANY issue blocking your success– tech, copy, funnels, you name it!

That’s why a 7-figure agency owner, Aaron Parkinson, said this is “like every NFL team getting access to Bill Belichek’s playbook AND a direct line to him for whatever questions you have about it.

Most people charge $25,000 for an annual coaching program of this magnitude…

But I’m not going to ask you to fork over $25,000 for a year of my coaching…

I’m not gonna ask you for $5,000…

The annual price is $1995 to join the AOA Profit Society team…

HOWEVER, if you enroll on this page…

You can try it out for 30 days – for just $1!.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get For Making Your Ads Pay When You Join The AOA Profit Society Team

Consulting with Jason Hornung ($25,000 Value)
  1.  Daily access through team members only Facebook group
  2.  Quarterly JH Media virtual events
  3.  4 week quick start program LIVE Q&A calls
The Profit Playbook
  1.  How To Convert & Scale Paid Traffic Today
  2.  2021 Facebook Ads Playbook Strategy Guide
  3.  12 Creative Frameworks Strategy Guide
  4.  7 Game Plans Strategy Guide
  5.  Rules Of The Game Strategy Guide
  6.  15 Proven Ad Swipe File
  7.  Standard Operating Procedures Manual
Facebook Bootcamp course ($1495 Value)

Google/YouTube Ads Bootcamp course ($1495 Value) 


7 Figure Agency Blueprint course ($1995 Value)


Copywriting Bootcamp course ($1995 Value)


Case Study Library ($1995 Value)

Total Value: $35,970/year
Today’s crazy offer: $1 trial for 30 days.

You may cancel at any time within the first 30 days and we’ll never bill you again…

On day 31, your trial will convert into an annual membership under the $150 x 12 payment option.

Click the option that suits you best to enroll TODAY:

AOA Profit Society
30 Day Trial for $1*

  • Digital Copies of The Profit Playbook
  • Consulting with Jason Hornun
  • Facebook Ads Bootcamp course


  • Google/YouTube Ads Bootcamp course
  • 7 Figure Agency Blueprint course
  • Copywriting Bootcamp course
  • Case Study Library

$1 for 30 days

* $1 trial for 30 days. You may cancel at any time within
the first 30 days and we’ll never bill you again.

Hurry! This Offer Will Only Be Available For A Limited Time…

Let me cut straight to the chase…

I can’t say for certain how long this 30 day, $1 trial will be available…

However, I can say that I’ve never done this before and it won’t last forever!

So if there’s any part of you that thinks you’ll succeed with this, you really should take up this offer RIGHT NOW as it may not be here tomorrow…

Click the button above to join the winning team for only $1 today. You won’t regret your decision!

For The Right Person This Is A No-Brainer Offer, I Guarantee It!

The strategies you’ll receive have been tested and proven. They are currently being deployed in the market ON EVERY MAJOR AD NETWORK.

Plus, you’ll get my direct help with implementing them on a daily basis.

For the right person, the AOA Profit Society will PAY FOR ITSELF over and over.

In fact, I guarantee that you’ll make 1,000% ROI on your investment in this trial.

If for some reason you don’t hit this goal in the first 30 days, just let us know and we’ll never bill you beyond $1 again.

You’ll get to keep your Profit Playbook and any materials you’ve downloaded as a gift.

What are you waiting for?

Fast Forward to Profits

It’s 30 days from now. Your dollar investment has paid you back thousands of times over. You have seen multiple successes with your campaigns.

You’re seeing more sales, more clients, more successes and ultimately more happiness. People who watched you suffer when you lost money in the past are stunned by your success.

For the first time, you’re realizing that you can exceed even your greatest hopes for your business.

And to make it risk free, it starts with a single dollar.

Get your Profit Playbook now:

AOA Profit Society
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  • Digital Copies of The Profit Playbook
  • Consulting with Jason Hornun
  • Facebook Ads Bootcamp course


  • Google/YouTube Ads Bootcamp course
  • 7 Figure Agency Blueprint course
  • Copywriting Bootcamp course
  • Case Study Library

$1 for 30 days

* $1 trial for 30 days. You may cancel at any time within
the first 30 days and we’ll never bill you again.

Remember my strategies and tactics:

  1. Work in EVERY niche/market that’s compliant to the ad networks’ policies.
  2. Work on ANY ad spend from $5/day to $173,516/day!

I can’t wait to hear your results.

Jason Hornung

P.S. In case you’re like me and you scroll on down to read this PS first, here’s the deal:

I spend $468,753 per month on profitable ads for my clients.

I created a community called: Academy Of Advertising Profit Society.

Where I share the strategies, processes and systems my team and I use RIGHT NOW to keep our clients making money.

You’ll be able to COPY AND PASTE these strategies into your business.

WITHOUT overwhelm or spending a fortune!

You can try it for 30 days for only $1 by clicking the button below: 

AOA Profit Society
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  • Digital Copies of The Profit Playbook
  • Consulting with Jason Hornun
  • Facebook Ads Bootcamp course


  • Google/YouTube Ads Bootcamp course
  • 7 Figure Agency Blueprint course
  • Copywriting Bootcamp course
  • Case Study Library

$1 for 30 days

* $1 trial for 30 days. You may cancel at any time within
the first 30 days and we’ll never bill you again.